Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A space for a writer

Here is the truth, I never ever wanted to blog. Believe it because it’s true. You see I am an aspiring journalist and one day my life will be all about writing, whether I am constructing paragraphs full of facts for the goodness of society or it is my own outlook on life or anything else surrounding me, the point is i will live to write.

I must confess that I am worried about handing the title of ‘writer’ over to myself. First of all I am barely out of an institution of formal training for writers and secondly I am not particularly sure that the self anointment of a writer exists. What I believe is that I need to be acknowledged as a writer, maybe by people who are acclaimed writers themselves or even observers who have been in the business of observing writers long enough to determine the is from the not.

There is another writing factor that doesn’t sit right with me, the factor of the platforms which writers use. If, for argument’s sake I write for a newspaper am I a writer or a reporter? what about if I jot down a poems in my anthology book and have never thought of publishing any of my good works, does that still make me a writer. Then there is that medium I am using write now, a blog site.

This was, once upon a time, a medium that many of us were unfamiliar with, me being the leader of those ignorant to this means. I suppose I have always believed that not everyone is a writer (at least not everyone is a good writer). There are those who can do it exceptionally well and then there are the rest of us who think that we are the universe’s gift to the world of writers, but for some or other reason the rest of the world doesn’t see that in us.

Blog sites have become the deliverance for the undisputed great writers we fancy ourselves to be. This platform, I categorically believe is a very dangerous because anyone and everyone can become a writer. It looks like there is nothing wrong with that but the truth is that it remains dangerous for people who are eager to be real writers. For those of us who need the gift of the art and who want some criticism from all the great writers out there, those who might not necessarily be bloggers.

I don’t want my quest to find out whether I have made it as a writer or not to be misunderstood. I don’t want anyone who’s reading this now to think that I am crushing the trends and the fun of blogging because people do it for different reasons.

I have a undoubted appreciation of these blogs. It is because of them that I can actually right what I like and get to have my “work” published. I mean it is the dream of every writer to have his or her work published, whether it is peer reviewed or not, right?…

Wrong, we need to be reviewed by writers bigger and better than us. I am gradually staring to comprehend the essence of blogging and frankly, I enjoy it because it is in me. I want to be a good writer and if I am not a good writer now then I will use blogs as my way of practicing to perfection my skill of writing. This is a space for a writer.